Tax Consultancy in Barcelona

More than 25 years accompanying SMEs in their management processes and tax advice. Compliance with tax obligations, always on time, is a fundamental aspect for the correct management of a company., Our extensive experience in cases before the different national and international administrations allows us to design solutions tailored to your tax and accounting needs. Our mission is that you can delegate to us the tax and accounting issues, and you can focus on the areas that are really important for your company to keep growing.

Tax advisory services for PYMES:

As expert tax advisors for small and medium-sized companies, we offer you comprehensive tax and business advice.
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Asesoría perfecta que da un trato exquisito a sus clientes, 100% profesionales que me han asesorado en todo lo que he necesitado en mi empresa durante mas de 15 años.
Excelente asesoría fiscal, contable, y laboral en Barcelona. Gran profesionalidad y eficacia.
Lucia Rodriguez
Lucia Rodriguez
Muy buenos profesionales!!, Totalmente recomendable. Muchas gracias a Raúl por su ayuda y eficiencia
Draxides Technologies
Draxides Technologies
He trabajado con diferentes asesorías y gestorías, y recientemente lo he hecho con Xterna; y tengo que decir que las opiniones sobre la profesionalidad y dimensión humana de esta empresa son ciertas, lo que genera la imprescindible confianza. He encontrado en Xterna, además, un valor añadido: y es que este equipo se implica en nuestro proyecto haciéndolo suyo, con una gran facilidad de comunicación, resolviendo eficaz y eficientemente las consultas, ofreciendo diferentes alternativas, y fidelizándome como cliente.
Ovi Boboc
Ovi Boboc
Have been using XTERNA for more than five years. They are always available, detail-oriented, knowledgeable and trustworthy. They go above and beyond to make their customers happy.
Manuel Sanchez
Manuel Sanchez
No es fácil elegir cuando hay una gran variedad de opciones al alcance. En el área de asesoramiento fiscal, contabilidad y ámbito laboral son muchas las gestorías con las que uno puede elegir trabajar. En nuestro caso, necesitábamos el mejor nivel de profesionalidad y seriedad en el trabajo a través de un trato cercano y totalmente personalizado a nuestras necesidades: una startup con operaciones internacionales. Asimismo, el nivel de formación de sus profesionales y actualización a nuevas normativas era un aspecto importante. Muy satisfecho con el equipo de profesionales de Xterna con quién he tenido el placer de trabajar y seguiremos trabajando.
Maria Gradillas
Maria Gradillas
Gestoria amable i ben propera amb les entitats a les que assessora. A Nexe Fundació ens sentim ben acompanyats i estem satisfets per la seva professionalitat. Una bona decisió.
Asesoría 100% recomendable , rápidos , atentos y muy profesionales un placer sin ser de Barcelona contactar con ellos , y solo por mail , realizar las gestiones perfectas y a la primera , sin poner ningún problema para ellos . No dudaremos en contactar de nuevo para contratar sus servicios. Un Saludo Olga
Me atendieron muy rápido, iba sin cita previa llamé y en cuestión de 20 min ya estaba hablando con un asesor, son muy atentos y te ayudan con las preguntas que tengas. Los recomiendo 100%

Taxation for SMEs in Barcelona

At Xterna, as tax consultancy Barcelona and pymes consulting we offer you our services so that your company is in its best condition, thanks to our team of tax advisors Barcelona.

Benefits of having a Tax Advisors Office

Some of the benefits of implementing tax advice and legal and fiscal compliance within companies are as follows:  Internal control improvements. By being able to better see what risks we face, we will be able to avoid them and improve the environment and efficiency in our company. The company’s image will be strengthened By showing that we are more diligent and take greater measures than our competitors, we will generate consumer and supplier confidence. Financial benefits Generating more confidence in your customers will bring in new ones, leading to greater benefits for your company. That is why we, as a tax consultancy specialized in SMEs, provide you with control in all fiscal aspects.  

Tax consultancy in Barcelona


We are a comprehensive consulting firm formed by a team of economists, account auditors, tax advisors, lawyers and social graduates specialized in providing consulting and business management services.
This will allow you to have access to a wide coverage of high quality services, guaranteeing compliance with international standards at all times.

Why do you need a tax consultancy?

It is essential for the success of a business that your company complies with all tax obligations. Forgetting to file a tax form, or filing it incorrectly, can lead to fines and penalties from the Tax Agency. Being prepared to be able to respond to possible inspections and requirements by the Spanish administrations is crucial to be able to successfully overcome them. These and many other reasons lead us to recommend you to have a tax consultancy for your company, we assure you that you will save problems.

Business Tax Advisors in Barcelona


Xterna - Tax advisors to PYMES since 1996

On XTERNA Soluciones en Outsourcing SLP’s clear objective is to simplify the lives of companies and the people who are part of them, and we work every day to encourage them to be their best version. As tax consultancy barcelona and gestoría fiscal en barcelona we offer you our services so that your company is in the best conditions, thanks to our team of experts in tax matters Contact us now!

Frequently Asked Questions - Tax Consulting

A tax advisor is an expert in tax matters, with the function of advising and guiding companies on their tax and accounting obligations to the state. He makes sure that all tax obligations are fulfilled with the Treasury, both at local and regional level. Having a tax advisor is very important if what you are looking for is to reduce the amounts to be taxed, because due to the lack of knowledge about the legislation, companies do not take advantage of tax opportunities to reduce tax burdens.
The main functions carried out by a tax consultancy are the following: – Conducting studies about the legal situation of the company, and advice focused on achieving the interests of the client knowing their personal circumstances. – Advice on the incorporation of companies. – Guidance in the activities related to the administration and daily management of the company. – The tax advisor will be in charge of guiding the company in the drafting of the Articles of Association. – Elaboration and presentation of periodic liquidations of taxes with the Treasury, among them we find the model 303 (VAT), the model 111, 115 (IRPF), corporate tax, IGIC and other operations. – A tax advisor advises companies in order to comply with all tax obligations, and thus avoid the negative legal consequences of not carrying out the procedures correctly. – The tax advisor is in charge of managing the tax information.
In our tax consultancy in Barcelona we will advise you on how to save taxes within the law. In addition, we will take care of the quarterly VAT, Personal Income Tax, Corporate Income Tax and Personal Income Tax filings. Physical, among other things. Feeling that your company is up to date with everything related to tax matters will give you peace of mind, and in the face of possible inspections by the Tax Agency, you will feel relieved to be in control. Focus on the tasks that are really important for your company to continue to grow and to tell us everything related to accounting and taxation.

If you have received a notice from the Tax Agency to your company, you must review its content in detail and verify if the data and dates indicated are correct. Once the letter has been reviewed, it is recommended that you contact a tax advisor to look at your case and advise you on the necessary documentation or how to respond to the letter.

If you think that your company needs to have the services of a tax consultancy in Barcelona and the advice of a professional, you must first verify that you comply with all the fiscal and tax obligations, in addition, to see yourself with the ability to handle the entire tax issue of your company complying with the rules. If you have problems, you can always count on tax advice

If at any time you receive an inspection from the Treasury, you can always count on the help of a tax advisor. A tax consultant can help you with documentation issues to present, in addition to offering you legal advice in the event that problems arise with the Tax Administration. In addition, you can streamline the inspection process to make it more effective.

Yes, you can hire a specific service from a tax agency. Any of these specific services can be such as a tax return, doubts about a specific topic on tax material, etc.